In the Galapagos Islands you can find wonderful seafood, included lobster in season, ecuadorian delicious ceviche, and also the encocado de langostino, made with local lobster called langostino that you can eat all year round. There are many restaurants and pizza places along  Kioscos Street, where you could find many local restaurants with delicious local food. Prices range from $3.00 for what is called in Ecuador "almuerzo" that includes (soup, main course dish, and a drink), but you could also find a $50 dish in the fancy style with western-style restaurant. One good way to eat well is to look and ask the local where they eat, most likely the place and the food will be good. On all boat tours, food is included. On the less expensive tours, they don't feed you as much as a fancier tour. If you are taking a smaller cruise and have a big appetite, bring a few treats and snaks to keep on the boat for yourself. But remember that NO food is allowed on the islands during a tour trip.


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