Margret Wittmer

Margret Wittmer


Dolphins often escort the yacht to the anchorage at Punta Cormorant, flamingos and shore birds (stilts, plovers, turn-stones) wade in the brackish lagoon. You will hike to find a white sand beach where sea turtles nest, spotted eagle rays skim along in the surf and bodies practice their dive-bomb fishing in mass.
Close by at Devil’s Crown you swim and snorkel with sea lions along with a wide variety of colorful fish in the clear blue water. Nearby a history barrel has been used for centuries as a Post Office (mail drop) by whalers (now by us) to send mail across the seas.
Often the say will end sharing a little Galápagos orange wine of Margret Wittmer (July 12, 1904 – March 21, 2000 a lady from Cologne) in her hotel. She died in 2000 until that time, she was the oldest settle in Island Floreana, she wrote a book name: The Truth of the Galápagos Affair As Told By A Lady from Cologne.

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