The Galapagos Islands is a high demand touristic location, the unique characteristics of their flora, fauna, geological, and geographic location increase year after year the amount of visitors of around the world. These beautiful islands make a perfect trip for nature lovers ranging from 6 to 70 years old (depending of the visitor’s physical conditions).

This archipelago has a characteristic that every island is a unique one, not just in terms of shape but also because each island has a different variety of Galapagos Tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra porteri), meaning each island has its own kind of tortoise with its unique shell shape, size, and name. Ten subspecies of the original fifteen survive in the wild, an eleven subspecies has only a single known living individual, kept in captivit and nichnamed Lonesome George.

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Teh typical trip to The Galapagos Islands will take you first to Quito the capital of Ecuador, if you have  bought a tour package more likely will provide 1 or 2 days in Quito, during this time a common package includes a visit to downtonw Quito, a beautiful, historical, and rich in colonial architecture, the second day will include a visit to the La Mitad del Mundo, that is a location where the North and South Hemisphere meet and form the Equator Line. This place will allow you to stand on both North and South Hemispheres at the same time. For the ones that are catholics, you could even attend a mass in a small church that is the only church in the world that has its altar in both north and south hemispheres.

In the third day, the operator will take you to the Quito International Airport for your fly to the Galapagos Islands Airport in Baltra Island or San Cristobal Island, this fly can take about 2 hours from Quito and 1.5 from Guayaquil the biggest city in Ecuador.

There are 4 daily flights from Quito to the Galapagos Islands, they all leave in the morning.

Flight schedules Quito – Galapagos
Flights arriving at Baltra airport (just across Itabaca channel from Santa Cruz Island, 1 hour away from Puerto Ayora)

* Departure 7h30 am – Arrival 9h30 am TAME AIRLINES flight 191 (daily)
* Departure 9h30 am – Arrival 11h30 am TAME AIRLINES flight 193 (daily)
* Departure 8h20 am – Arrival 10h30 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 032 (Monday -Friday)
* Departure 8h45 am – Arrival 10h45 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 032 (Sundays)
* Departure 9h30 am – Arrival 11h30 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 034 (Saturdays)

Flights arriving at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno airport on San Cristobal Island.

* Departure 9h15 am – Arrival 11h30 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 030 (Monday & Thursday)
* Departure 10h00 am – Arrival 12h00 am TAME AIRLINES flight 195 (Wednesday)
* Departure 7h30 am – Arrival 10h45 am  TAME AIRLINES flight 191 (Friday) – additional stop in Baltra before arrival in Puerto Baquerizo
* Departure 8h20 am – Arrival 10h15 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 030 (Saturday)
* Departure 8h20 am – Arrival 10h15 am AEROGAL AIRLINES flight 022/030 (Sunday)

What to Take to the Galapagos Islands

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