Galapagos Islands being one of the seven natural wonders, becuase the unique features not only for the geological, vegetation, and fauna that you could see, it is one of the most desired place to visit in the world. For the person that loves nature, love small islands, great creatures, marvelous places to walk, to do snorkeling, and of course great location to go scuba diving.

There travelers that love to go in medium and small size cruise will have a great trip in these Galapagos Islands, but if you are the adventurer type of traveler, then you can also go around visiting these islands on a sail boat. The advantage of touring on these small boats is that you can stop on any location and jump in the warm water of the Pacific Ocean that keep these beautiful islands alive.

You can find great packages to go to Galapagos Islands that will include traveling into Quito  the capital of Ecuador, spend couple of days there including a lovely small town north of Quito Otavalo, and of course you will have to visit the Equator Line Monument. A unique place 15 miles north of Quito where you could stand with one foot on the Northern Emisphere and the other foot on the Southern Emiphere at the same time.  Here is where you cannot really notice the four seasons that you are accustomed to see, on the Equator Line you can only have rainy and dry season. Here is the perpetual Spring

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    Un entrada respecto de lo mas reveladora. Mira que tienen cosas que un desconoce…

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